Sunday, June 29, 2014

Find us in agricultural fairs all over Kenya!

Since a week now, Jolly Poultry has gone into social media, and we got tremendous feedback. Thanks to all of you to support us and show us that we are going into the right direction.

Jolly Poultry is located near Nairobi, between Ngong Town and Kisserian, where you can come and pick your chicks (please announce your visit in advance). You will understand that we cannot deliver 20 chicken to Mombassa on one day, and 10 to Embu on the next day. It does not make any sense nor from an economical nor an environmental perspective.
Our 3 months old Kuroilers sun bathing 
However, bringing improved kienyeji chicken (Kuroiler) to you and any smallholder farmers in the most remote areas of Kenya remains out primary objective to which we keep striving. As a first step into this direction, we have set up a team that will go to agricultural fairs with our chicks throughout the whole country. 
This blog as well as our facebook page will tell you in advance in which fairs we will be present. If you want to make sure that we have the chick you want, don't hesitate to set an order or just spontaneously visit our stand to get more information and buy some of the chicks we carry. 
Our one week kuroiler chicks now for sale cash and carry
So don't forget to register to this blog (under follow by e-mail on the right) or to like our facebook page to stay informed about where you can get your Kuroiler chicks. 

We hope to meet you soon somewhere outside Nairobi!

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