Improved kienyeji chicken (Kuroiler)

Kuroiler chicken are improved kienyeji chicken. They produce 200 eggs year and can reach 3.5 kg (compared to 2.5 kg for a traditional kienyeji chicken) in 5 months (compared to 10 month with traditional kienyeji chicken). After 3 weeks, a kuroiler can be fed on kitchen waste and it is a handy and disease resistant bird.

Jolly Poultry commits itself to maintain the pure and improved characteristics of the Kuroiler breed. Our clients always get first generation chicks (Kuroiler F1), sourced from Uganda or India. Our chicks get initial vaccines (Marek, NCD with IB)

4 week chick

Indicative price list 


    115 KES : 3 day old chick
    130 KES : 4-5 day old chick
    150 KES : 1 week old
    180 KES : 1-2 week old
    200 KES : 2-3 week old
    250 KES : 3 week old

    Sales conditions for booking chicken (if not agreed differently)

    1. As you order, we will give you a time window of usually 2 weeks within which we guarantee to deliver.  
    2. your booking is confirmed with a down payment of 10 %  through mpesa to 0720832072, the rest is due when you pick you chicks
    3. 2-3 days before delivery, we give to you pick up day
    4. you can pick up your chicks with on the pick up day or the day after
    5. for every additional day (day 3, 4, 5) we charge 5 KHS per chick per day
    6. after day 6 we reserve the right to sell your booked chicks to someone else, the down pa payment will not be reimbursed
    7.  if we fail to deliver within the promised time window, down payment will be reimbursed or if you choose to wait, you will be given a discount on your order.

    Chicken manure

    Good non chemical fertilizer for all your organic horticultural production.

    1-5 bags : 300  KSH per 70 liter bag
    5-10 bags : 250 KSH per 70 liter bag
    10 bags and above : 200 KSH per 70 liter bag

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