Monday, October 20, 2014

Free training for women below 35

Are you a young smart lady thinking about taking up agri business? Are you ready to challenge the status co and explore new ways of doing business?
Do you see yourself leading your own company in the poultry sector?

picture from USAID

If yes, Jolly Poultry wants to support women like you! We offering one free spot in each of our personalized training to a woman below 35. We will help you to investigate what fits your personal situation and explore ways to work together.

Find out more about this training here.  How to apply? Send a motivation letter explaining your vision to don't forget to mention your age. We will let you know within 3 days before the training if your application is successful!

Jolly Poultry is a women-led poultry agribusiness aiming at unlocking high value markets for smallholder farmers!

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