Monday, June 8, 2015

Waiting for our first generation kuroiler chicks from India

Jolly Poultry is impatiently waiting for its first generation Kuroiler chicks from the breeding farm in India.
First generation? What's that? Kuroiler is a cross breed, the grand parents of a first generation kuroiler chicks are of 4 different breeds. There is a breeding farm in India does cross breeds to give us first generation.
Second generation means that both parents are first generation chicks.
The characteristics of Kuroilers get lost over four generations.
Jolly's experience over the last year has shown that second generation performs well in Kenya for meat and eggs. However breeding them further among themselves as well as breeding them with other local breeds will lead to inferior chicks. 

The import of Kuroiler first generation is Jolly's commitment to quality and contributes to maintain the genetic material of Kuroiler pure! 

Remain posted if you want to get your first generation kuroiler chicks from us!

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  1. That is a very good effort that you are trying to produce chicks that are good in quality and have a superior breed. I hope that you continue to provide people with godo quality poultry.