Friday, August 15, 2014

A successful on farm poultry training!

Last week end, Jolly Poultry hosted its first personalized poultry training. Though less people joined us than expected, the training was successful. We looked in depth into the situation of the participants and discussed what the next steps are for each particular case.

Also we visited the farm and discussed why we do thing the way we do, health and hygiene, feed and the whole production cycle. We also looked into market issue, including cash flow analysis of the individual projects.

Answering questions on a one to one basis

The highlights of the training was "it is possible to have kuroilers, it is not just a dream". As benefits to participants we offer a follow up via our closed facebook pages, were discussions can be continued and new emerging questions answered.

We hope that we can support many others to join us on the fascinating journey in poultry farming. Join us for our next training in September to be announce on our facebook page!

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