Monday, September 1, 2014

Jolly Poultry at the AECF conference

Last week, Jolly Poultry was present at the African Enterprise Challenge Fund conference, to learn more about entrepreneurship in Africa and the newest developments.

We met many other poultry farmers and could learn a lot from them about hatching rates, how market our products and understand to what extend Jolly's vision is part of a bigger movement.

We  discovered an enterprise that produces a thermo-resistant Gumboro vaccine, a partnership we might investigate quite soon.

We also joined the discussion on contract farming, and learned a lot about what really matters in this business.

We returned home, our heads full of new ideas and a whole bunch of business cards witnessing the amazing network we were allowed to integrate. It will help us to serve you and any smallholder we are not yet reaching, better in future!

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