Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reduce price for Kuroiler chicken for improved quality!

Jolly Poultry is proud to announce that we can offer you an new quality of kuroiler F1 chicken at reduced price .

Our new prices are
115 KES   : 3 day old chick
130 KES   : 4-5 day old chick
150 KES   : 1 week old
180 KES   : 1-2 week old
200 KES   : 2-3 week old
250 KES   : 3 week old

Our chicken come from a trusted source of F1 production, F1 is also known as first generation, or "pure Kuroiler". Also all our chicken come with vaccines (Marek, NCD with IB vaccine)

Find here our contacts ! We are looking forward to serve you!

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  1. Good post, although would love to know more about it but I guess better to visit than relying on the blog post