Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meeting with the CEO of the Kuroiler breeding company in India

We are pleased to share with you that we met with the CEO of the Indian company breeding Kuroilers, to discuss how Kenya can get its own parent stock. Parents stock that allows to produce Kuroiler F1 sometimes also called pure Kuroiler, and is the only chicks that bring the promised performance.

We also discussed innovative distribution system in India and how to adapt those for Kenya. Remain posted as we develop news plans to improve our reach out in the whole country!


  1. Were you meeting in Nyeri or in India? Judging by the banner in the back ground, you were at Brade Gate Farms in Nyeri. So was the CEO in Kenya or this was a PR stint gone wrong?

  2. I am glad that meeting ended in a positive node and believe that after this meeting distribution channels will be smooth. Thanks for sharing the information about it with us

  3. How can I ave F1 chicks am in Zambia, and how much ll it cost me? Pls help me on this. Email me: